Ulla Winblad for Alingsås-Keramik

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Ulla Winblad for Alingsås-Keramik

One vase and two miniature bowls with delicate pattern and glaze by Ulla Winblad Hjelmquist. Circa 1960 - 1970.
Alingsås-Keramik was established 1947 and closed down 1970.
Impressed (vase): Alingsås-Keramik 401. Incised:Handgjort (handmade) U Winblad.
Incised (bowls): Alingsås-keramik U Winblad 56
Height vase: 7,5 cm (3"")
Height bowls: 2,7 cm (1.1"")
Width bowls: 4,2 cm (1.7"")

Price for vase: 250 SEK
No. 1035A

Price for bowls: 250 SEK each
No. 1035B (yellow)
No. 1035C (blue)

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