Roger Stribley, own studio Kvidinge

350.00 SEK

Roger Stribley, own studio Kvidinge

Miniature vases by Roger Stribley.
Roger Stribley was born in England and educated at Royal College of Art in London. He moved to Sweden in 1972 and set up a studio in Kvidinge, outside Helsingborg. In 1974 he moved to Canada.
The two vases to the left are signed: RS
The miniature to the right is signed: Roger Stribley
Height: 6,5 - 7,3 cm (2.6"" - 2.9"")
Weight: 0,04 kg each (0.1 lbs)

Price: 350 SEK each
No. 2073A left
No. 2073B
No. 2073C right

Price for all three: 950 SEK

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